snowbird calls is


Or at least that is what i called it for the limited label-ility the website tags offered me. It hosts the all-of-the-above of an, as of now, anonymous host that isn't sharing this link all over the place. So if you happen to be READing this - hi lol.

Before clicking the link to follow these chunks of words, please be aware that many of these writings touch on various tough topics... and whatever it is that that phrase made pop into your skullmeat (I have to appropiate quirkiness, i am hosting a journal webpage) first - there's more than enough of a chance that it may be featured here in the present, past, or near future.

most of these were written in a journal given to me by an old therapist, after all. some of this is real. some of it isn't. some i'm not sure which i could honestly call it. if you're reading this, none of it's about you. if it is, please tell me to never drink again. i'll listen.

and thx.

≿━━━spread your wings and fly.━━━≾